1. Setting up a company
            a. Registration turnkey within 5 working days from 900 UAH
            b. Documentation from 300 UAH/month
            c. Organization of accounting from 3200 UAH
            d. Outsourcing from 300 UAH/month
            e. Staff recruitment from 400 UAH/hour
            f. Contracts drafting from 400 UAH/hour
            g. Individual consalting from 400 UAH/hour
    2. Accounting
            a. Accounting outsourcing from 900 UAH/quarter
            b. Services of a Chief Accountant from 150 UAH/hour
            c. CFO Services from 400 UAH/hour
            d. Documentation from 100 UAH/month
            e. Work with 1S software, transition to 8.2 version from 200 UAH
            f. Accounting revision contract price
            g. Accounting reconstruction and systematization contract price
            h.Inventorying from 800 UAH
    3. Consulting
            a. Tax Consulting from 400 UAH/hour
            b. Organization of the financial and accounting reporting system from 400 UAH/hour
            c. Planning, Business-planning from 400 UAH/hour
            d. Tax Planning from 400 UAH/hour
            e. Budgeting from 400 UAH/hour
    4. Legal services
            a. Obtaining licenses and patents contract price
            b. Holding the negotiations with banks for getting loans contract price
            c. Real estate transactions support from 400 UAH/hour
            d. Negotiations and bargain support from 400 UAH/hour
            e. Formation and checking the agreements and other documents from 400 UAH/hour
            f. Legalizing the real estate objects that had been built
            and putting into operation the unauthorized construction
contract price
            g. Examination and issue of buildings passports contract price
            h. Liquidation of a company from 5000 UAH
    5. Expertize (uditing)
            a. Internal audit from 1600 UAH
            b. Auditing of reporting from 3200 UAH
            c. Tax audits from 3200 UAH
            d. Inventorying from 800 UAH
            e. Complex revision from 3200 UAH
            f. Working out the resolutions on the audits, work on filling
            in any supporting documents
contract price
            g. Control over budget fulfillment from 400 UAH/hour
            h. Other:
    6. Disputes
            a. Tax disputes from 400 UAH/hour
            b. Litigation from 400 UAH/hour
            c. Economic disputes from 400 UAH/hour
            d. Responses to requests of regulatory bodies from 400 UAH/hour
            e. Debt collection contract price
            f. Other:
    7. Labor protection
            a. Organization of labor protection at the company from 3000 UAH
            b. Labor protection outsourcing from 3000 UAH
            c. Consulting on implementation and systemizing the
            guidelines on labor safety
from 300 UAH/hour
            d. Making audits of labor protection at the company from 2000 UAH
            e. Disputes Resolution from 300 UAH/hour
            f. Other:
    8. Staff recruitment
            a. Services of a Chief Accountant from 150 UAH/hour
            b. Staff recruitment according to your requirements from 4000 UAH
            c. Trainings from 1200 UAH
            d. Development of individual training programs according
            to the customers wishes
from 8000 UAH
            e. Employees' lead-up and consulting from 400 UAH/hour
            f. Making audits of the staff contract price
            g. Other:

Adress: 01030, Kyiv,

Bohdana Khmel'nyts'koho St, 15, of. 4

Telephone: (044) 362-06-44


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